About the Book


When fourteen-year-old Daniel Robinson is abducted during a game of hide-and-seek, his focus switches from enjoying his summer vacation to simply staying alive. He must find the courage and strength to escape his captors and get home, no matter what it takes. Will he survive? Or is this a nightmare that’s too real to escape?

As Daniel finds himself at the mercy of his captors, his best friend Kyle sets out to bring him back to safety. With nothing but teenage instincts to guide him, Kyle’s quest could result in a happy ending—or in tragedy.

In his first novel, author Ian Dawson draws from his real-life experiences to create an action-adventure story about unconditional friendship, courage, and determination.

Welcome to The Field.

The Field was inspired by my own kidnapping experience when I was thirteen when I was abducted and held captive for hours by two older boys in the field behind our neighborhood.  I used that experience in order to create the novel that exists today.

The genesis of the novel began as a first-person short story that evolved into a novel with themes of friendship, courage, and determination woven throughout the story.  While a lot of the material in the book is fiction, many aspects are true to the terrifying situation I found myself in over 25 years ago.

I am proud to share this story with you and look forward to hearing what you think.