When Do You Like to Write?

My ideal time to write is at night.  Late at night.  Like, I’m writing this post at 3 a.m., late at night.  There’s something peaceful and serene for me when it comes to writing at this time.  Work is done. Most people are asleep.  There are fewer distractions.  It’s just me and my ideas.  Me and my brain in creative overdrive.  I love it!

Of course, this late at night is the best time to write on a weekend.  So, if it’s not late night or early morning, I do like to write in the evening as opposed to the morning.

Writing time comes down to two major factors: your availability to write, and your best time to avoid distractions. If you know you have a couple hours in the afternoon to write before the kids come home, write then.  If it’s in the evening right before bed, do it then. There’s no hard and fast rule about when to write.  To me it’s whenever is right for you that helps you maximize your creativity and output.

When do you like to write? Why does that time of day work best for you? Leave a comment and let me know!

Where Do You Like to Write?

I have done a lot of writing in a lot of places.  Starbucks. College libraries.  At work (off the clock, of course).  At home.  Each location has its positives and negatives.  The best location allows you to dive into your story, free from distraction, focused on the end goal of completing a set number or pages, or a chapter, or other writing task.

My favorite place to write is at the college library.  It’s quiet. It’s free from distraction.  And you can usually find a quiet corner with an empty desk where you can concentrate without phone calls or texts or anyone finding you.

My second favorite place to write is at home.  But this can be tricky since home is filled with dozens of distractions.  Movies.  Music. TV shows to binge-watch.  Books that aren’t the one your need to write that you can just read instead.  Internet. And, of course, why write when you can clean?

But all those things aren’t going anywhere.  They’ll be waiting for you when you finish writing.  And unfortunately, so will those dishes.  Just think about how your novel, screenplay, or song will one day be the thing that will distract other creative people just like your distracted by others’ works now.  And the cycle of creative procrastination continues.

Ultimately, once you get a hold on your story, nothing can distract you from getting into the heart of what you’re writing.  It can sometimes take some time to create or find the perfect writing space for you. But when you do, you’ll know it.

Where do you like to write? Do you prefer silence or noise?  Leave a comment and let me know!

The 3 a.m. Idea

If you’re a writer or other type of creative person, you’ve been there.  It’s 3 a.m.  You’re asleep.  It’s quiet. And then…your brain decides to wake up and start working on your project.  And boom!  Your eyelids fly open like window shades, and your mind goes into overdrive as you start connecting the dots and creating the most elaborate, award-winning scene ever created for audiences.

But you’ll remember it tomorrow morning when you wake up.  And you go back to bed.

Morning.  The sun is up.  You’re up.  And what was that f**king brilliant idea you had last night??!!???

Yep.  It happens to all of us.  Sometimes more than once.  After a few times of it happening, it’s best to give into the creative impulse and WRITE THE IDEA DOWN!  Keep a legal pad or notebook by the bed.  Or, if you have horrifically illegible handwriting when you write fast like I do, type it out in the Notes page on your phone or use your computer.

Best case scenario: you saved a brilliantly creative idea from being washed away in the night.

Worst case scenario: you read it the next morning, realize the idea is crap, and delete or scratch it out.

Either way, it’s available for you to make that decision the next day.

Think it.  Write it.  Save it. Your creative sanity will thank you later.